Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing your German documents and revision of your translations

Why is proofreading or editing important?

«Speling and typs do not look professionel.
And even a bad writing style, will your reader scare off in no time.»

Admittedly: That is an extreme example. Yet even less obvious errors, clumsy wording and inaccuracies, have an adverse effect on your reader. By contrast, a well-written text attracts the attention of your audience and leaves no questions unanswered.

That especially applies to texts that are intended for publication: Websites, newspaper articles, books, advertisements, signs, flyers, newsletters and menus showcase what you represent. Internal training documents, presentations, bachelor and master theses as well as dissertations also have to be linguistically flawless. Mistakes and stylistic inaccuracies distract from the content of your texts and leave the reader with a bad aftertaste.

Have your texts professionally reviewed and edited – so that you make a good impression right from the start.