Creating a transcript on the basis of audio and video files

Why a transcription?

Audio visual media are becoming increasingly important in the digital world. Almost all websites provide their news, articles or tutorials (at least in part), as a video or audio recording, for example as a podcast. Today a lot of content is no longer even available in written form.

That is why a transcription, in other words a written version of content from video and audio recordings, offers a whole host of benefits.

Firstly, a transcription facilitates accessibility: Content is made accessible to a wider audience and in turn increases the reach of information provided. And secondly, for example, search engines require a written version so as to even capture and classify the content in the first place. Only then can this information also be found on the internet at a later stage.

When you are on the go, it is often more practical to read content on the smartphone or tablet than watching or listening to it. The majority of users only have a limited data volume and playing it with sound is not possible in many situations.

These are all good reasons for a transcription.

Media that is often transcribed includes for example interviews, press conferences, webinars, training videos, podcasts as well as radio and television reports.

Yet it is important not to confuse transcription with subtitling.

Transcription at AKV Language Services in Berlin and Hildesheim

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