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You’re in a hurry? Here you will find a brief summary of all important information on certified translations.

What languages do you translate?

I am an allgemein ermächtigte Übersetzerin (“generally authorised” or sworn translator) for English and German.

In spite of my excellent foreign language skills, I almost exclusively translate into the German language according to the native speaker principle. This way, I can ensure that my translation is accurate both linguistically and as regards content.

I deviate from this principle for certified translations (beglaubigte Übersetzungen) into English and I collaborate with an experienced English native speaker, so as to ensure the highest possible quality.

When do I require a certified translation?

Many public authorities in Germany and abroad require an official translation of foreign documents in order for them to be recognised. Typical documents that require a certified translation (beglaubigte Übersetzung) are for example birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of good conduct, university degrees, employer references, salary statements, bank statements, driving licences or divorce decrees.

The certified translation of these documents can be presented to the court, the Ausländerbehörde (Foreigners’ Registration Office), universities, the Bürgeramt (Citizens’ Registration Office), potential employers and other official authorities, for example.

Will your certified translation be recognised throughout Germany?

Yes. Certified translations from an ermächtigter (authorised), beeidigter (certified), öffentlich bestellter (publicly appointed) or vereidigter (sworn) translator in Germany, are recognised throughout the whole country. The place of authorisation is irrelevant.

Moreover, you do not have to live in Berlin to hire my services.

Do you need the document as an original or does a copy suffice?

As a rule, it is enough to send me a complete copy of the document as a photo or scan by email and to then present the competent authority with the original document together with the translation. I staple together the translation and a copy of the source text, so that the original and copy can be compared with each other.

In rare cases, the competent authority insists on a translation based on the original. If you provide me with the original document, upon request I would be happy to note in the Translator’s Declaration that I was presented with the original.

Can you also certify original documents or confirm their authenticity?

No, translators are not authorised to do so. You can obtain information about the procedure at the Foreign Office:

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Do you have further questions?

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